Things I want to blog about

I'm trying to approach the things I want to blog about (e.g. think about to a certain level) in the same way I would approach writing a program at work, i.e. by making a plan of the the different parts and then doing those separately.

  1. Two male-dominated environments: a comparison
  2. Why didn't I become a computer scientist?
  3. "Why do so few girls become programmers" -- some interesting things women have said about it
  4. "Why do so few girls become programmers" -- why I'm frustrated by the debate, or, "trying to defeat gender stereotypes through gender stereotypes"
  5. Self-evaluation -- what sort of teenager would want to be like me anyway?  Standing up for the strange.
  6. Why I think programming can produce better humanities candidates.
  7. Why kids should want to program -- or the social eptitude of Zuckerberg

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