Saturday, 10 January 2009

Some things

1. As an evangelical I ought of course to be all enthusiastic about the atheist bus; but in my, as it were, private capacity I just find it annoying for all sorts of reasons too tedious to give here. But today I had a sudden thought about the puzzlingly weak phrasing which has remarked upon by many people; maybe it's actually a subtle message to Richard Dawkins from other atheists? Stop worrying, Dawkins, and enjoy your life!

2. These pictures of deserted London are very excellent. I particularly like the one of Waterloo Bridge completely empty; I've been over it so many times on foot or by bus and it's always teeming.

3. I've been watching 30 Rock. It's quite good. It's like Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip only funny. I can't even remember if Studio 60 was supposed to be funny, or if I just assumed that because it had Chandler in.

4. Doesn't this bedroom version of Little Boots' Stuck on Repeat make the single sound over-produced?

I'd love to play with a Tenori-on but they're not cheap and it cannot be said that I need one.

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