Thursday, 21 January 2010

There there

After an afternoon of Mandelson-related indigestion (lots of burping) I turn to the internet for its soothing powers. Here are some happy things I found:
1. The bones of an interesting Anglo-Saxon woman may have been found in Germany.
2. If I had an iphone I would definitely buy this app for making pictures of real life look more exciting.
3. The Onion has quite a funny thing on idiot Pat Robertson's comment on Haiti. (If the Haitians made a deal with the devil to get rid of the French then that devil was the French -- the "reparation" they had to pay to leave the French empire has had permanent repercussions, as explained in this bloody depressing Times Online article written months before the earthquake.)
4. Here a curious wild chimp in the Congo pokes a camera with a stick.

5. Here is a seriously freaky Japanese robot: The Japanese lead the world in uncanny robots.
6. Did that robot make you think of Lillebror? If it didn't, are you perhaps not familiar with Lars von Trier's amazing supernatural hospital drama comedy Riget? If so you should track it down -- it's by far the best thing he has ever done, by turns hilarious and very frightening. Make sure to get it in a format which includes the spooky introductions:

and von Trier's little talks over the closing credits:

Here is the Swedish doctor Stig Helmer expressing his distaste for Danish exile:

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