Friday, 23 April 2010

Juniper learns to walk

Here are a few brief bits of Juniper the alpaca cria's first hour.

1. She's only about twenty-five minutes old and her ears are still wet, but she's beginning to think she ought to try standing up. The noises are Devon spring insects and birds, small nephew, and me.

2. She's walking! sort of. She may be staggering in a drunken manner, but stop and consider that about forty minutes earlier she was all folded up and actually inside the alpaca behind her.

3. She's got the hang of legs! And she came up onto the lawn to say hello to us. Gracie is the mother, and Gypsy and Gwarakusi are the other two adults, both of whom should be having their own cria within a month. Gypsy is the one who says "meep" at me.

Not long after this Gracie dropped the afterbirth right in front of us as we were trying to eat icecream.

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