Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Closing tabs

I don't care if I'm far from his target audience, I still think Tony Hawk is really cool:

And he's 42! That gives me eight years to become that cool. I'd better go and buy some elbow pads.

Quantum biology is also cool. According to this article, which you won't be able to read without going "whoah!" at least mentally, quantum tangling may help to keep our dna together. At some point the right-wing American loony-Christians will catch on to the fact that if evolution made God sound a bit uninvolved, or cruel, or whatever it is they object to about evolution, then quantum theory makes Him sound, like, totally stoned. (My Christianity involves believing that God is complex, unexpected, and mind-blowing, so it's all good for me. Hurray for science which reconfirms one's prejudices!)

Kids are getting high on digital drugs! Don't they know there's quantum biology out there, or skateboarding? Anyway, this is not surprising, because Chris Morris is clearly some sort of cleverly-disguised prophet, or like those medieval genres where the parody emerges before the thing it's supposed to be parodying.

The iPhone has no app for making your own apps, and it never will. This is why Android is better.

In darker news, Boing Boing has the advert for prison experiment guinea pigs. Chilling. You can't observe things without changing them, you see.

Popjustice has launched a record label.

According to this website, I write like James Joyce. I think it means that computers can't understand me. Hurray!

And here is a kaleidoscope thing. It goes round and round.

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