Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Some videos

1. Here are some free-runners in Cambridge, leaping about, pretending to be cats. OK so maybe climbing on old bits of carved stone has the potential to cause damage to both stone and climber, but I still think the thing at my block of flats where I was supposed to call the police when I saw them was an over-the-top reaction. I think that one of these kids in this video is one that I stopped and talked to one time. I like the ending too. It's quite "hang on lads, I've got a great idea".

2. I watch the X-factor with about half of one eye and about a quarter of my brain, and with a remote constantly ready so I can put it on mute. It's at the auditions stage, so really it's just waiting for them to open their mouths, when either they can sing and people clap, or they can't and people laugh, or the song doesn't go that well and Simon Cowell says have you got another song, and then he says, you really turned it around with that song. Best bit by miles so far was a 16-year-old called Cher singing like someone who is 16 in 2010, which really shows up the wierd time-warpy quality of most of the performances. It's Keri Hilson's version of Soulja Boy's Turn My Swag On, and if you want an example of the way in which the X-factor is occasionally cheerful and life-enhancing then you can watch it below:

(Here's Keri Hilson's version.) Poor kid must be a bit disappointed that no one gave her more than 100 percent. Maybe they're all saving the illogical percentages for live finals this year. Anyway, suspend your disbelief, try to ignore how it's somehow sinister when Simon takes a sip of water while the audience is applauding, and remember that this could well have a happy ending.

3. Here is an excellent remix.

4. I found that last one on popjustice, of course, and here's popjustice hifi's second single release, a brilliant song by a good-looking man from Wales.

5. If I were quicker with my camera I'd have put here a video of Jemima the baby alpaca chasing rabbits. But I didn't catch it so you'll just have to imagine. It's very cute, if that helps.

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