Monday, 28 February 2011

Also pop

I haven't posted anything about music for a while.  When I first saw that Lady Gaga's new video is seven minutes long I thought "not again" but actually I really like it.  Lady Gaga is just excellent.  The new song may be a bit Express Yourself-y, but if she wants to pay tribute to Madonna wouldn't you rather she did it through the medium of song instead of by snogging her at an awards ceremony a la Britney?  Go Lady Gaga! The video starts with a unicorn, but you might want to skip the next two and a half minutes if you don't fell like watching Gaga writhing around in stirrups with a vaguely gnostic voiceover about good and evil.

Plus I first came across her on popjustice, who likened her to Madonna back then.

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