Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Good things after too much haggis

My Grandma is staying, and while she's here we eat our main meal in the middle of the day, usually literally so, at noon.  I find this a trial.  For some reason the afternoon seems a bit more depressing after an octogenarian-appropriate meal, like steak and kidney pudding, or eggs and bacon, or, today, haggis, neeps, and chattered tatties, which my parents used to eat a lot when they were students in Scotland. 

Anyway I have felt moved to list some of the good things in this generally depressing world, in which you stop paying attention for a few days and suddenly we're bombing the Middle East again:
1.  True Blood.  I've got a bit addicted to this rather silly but dramatic Deep South vampire saga.  I like the way that each episode starts the same way the previous one ended, usually with someone screaming.  It's about a telepath called Sookie Stackhouse (the little girl from the Piano but grown up now and working in 18-rated drama) who's a waitress in a Lousiana diner.  When a vampire called Bill walks in she falls for him because she can't hear what he's thinking, but it's not a popular move among the population at large, who are anti-vampire.  There's a fantastic scene where she runs to him at dusk through a graveyard, wearing a big floaty white nightdress, to have emotionally meaningful sex in front of the fireplace at his Civil-War-era house.  I blame Mal from Firefly for the recent increase in men on TV wearing high-waisted button-fly trousers.

2.  Neal Stephenson has a new book out in the autumn.  That's a good thing.

3.  It's William Shatner's 80th birthday!  Here he is all covered in Tribbles.  Watch him give the camera a little bit of Shatner love at about 0:41

4.  You can do what you want with this man's textbook on Data Communications as long as you agree to be a nice person.  I think that's a pretty high price.

5.  Amazon.com now has an Android App store, and there is some speculation that they might launch a tablet.  That's interesting, at least.  And anything that keeps Apple down a bit is good.

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