Thursday, 5 July 2012

Music makes me feel good

K-pop -- is it the new Italodisco? Don't ask me, I'm 36! Anyway here's an excellent Korean pop song:

George Michael is glad to be alive. Good! I too am glad that George Michael is alive.

Little Mix have a great single coming out. It's Beyonceyish in a good way:

Who is Charli XCX? I can't remember. But I like this song:

Benny Benassi is a figure of mixed blessings but I love this rather soulful remix of a song by Temper Trap.

Noisettes have a great song called Winner which I hope will make them lots of London 2012 money. Here it is remixed:

Of course I saw all these things originally on popjustice, I always do. I'm only really putting them here so I can play them all from one tab.

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