Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Some internet things

I keep intending to write long, meaningful posts about the world and things, but my brain is stuck on Java and how I can't get Eclipse Juno to work. Even if that were interesting I don't have enough articulacy to write about it properly -- I can barely explain my problems to my co-workers. So instead here are some random internet things interspersed with a few small thoughts I had.

1. I love xkcd. There's an xkcd for everything. Here is a very good one which puts really well something I wittered on about incomprehensibly in a previous blog post (see item 2).

2. Watch this super-excellent video, made by a recent commander of the space station on her last day there! It's really very good and strange. There is no up or down! If I were a teacher I'd get my class to watch it.

3. I think this is going to be the year of rereading. I've been unpacking boxes of books which I packed up in 2007. They are full of goodies! I am currently rereading Neal Stephenson's The Diamond Age, which is very excellent. I'm also rereading Gaiman's Sandman books.

4. I find Gays of South London entertaining enough. (Devon is somewhat heteronormative.)

5. One of the things I'm going to post about at some point is weather. I spent last week learning about it. I know why it's snowing! And I can now identify different types of cloud. I know what an occluded front is, and why Britain is so warm (for its latitude). There are tons of really good things about this on the Met Office website.

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