Saturday, 22 February 2014


1. I suppose it's a badge of honour to work for a place which the Daily Mail hates so much. I like this collection of gifs which tries to give the overall message of the recent Met Office report on this winter's weather, with the proviso that "the global weather system is insanely complex".

2. The NHS is selling off patient records. They'll be anonymous -- of course they'll be anonymous, everything is anonymous these days, and there is no way they could possibly be abused. But in case you still don't like the idea you can opt out. There's a useful Fax Your GP service here. My doctor's practice actually provides a model letter on its website for you to print off and post in, so I've already done that.

3. And if you're wondering about anonymity and uniqueness in another area, this website can tell you how unusual your computer is just by looking at the information that the browser gives it. Mine is unique among the nearly four million tested so far due to its combination of plugins and fonts. It's an EFF site so I sort of trust it not to abuse the information... Is that inconsistent of me? To be honest I don't really think there are many people who want to abuse my information, but there's not many people I trust to be intelligent with it.

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