Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Young parents

My mother recently told me that her wedding day was the worst day of her life. She's not keen on being the centre of everyone's attention, and at only 21 I suppose she was young enough to take all the kerfuffle very seriously. This picture shows her and my dad at 18 and 19, when they'd already been engaged for a year. Aren't they adorable? They're younger than many of my students. It's like they're from a different planet from me.

It was taken by a photographer who was roaming the streets of Aberdeen looking for pictures of city life. I suppose they represented the students and youth and all that. My dad has a beard and a bald patch now, and my mum's hair has been white-grey for as long as I can remember. Other than that they haven't actually changed much.

(It's their 35th wedding anniversary soon, so she's allowed to say that about her wedding day.)

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