Wednesday, 25 June 2008


For the last few days the daily high temperature has been 34 degrees (with not a lot of cooling off at night), today it's predicted to be 35 degrees, and tomorrow apparently will be 35 degrees with a "comfort point of 38 degrees" because of the humidity. My brain is melting.


  1. 35 degrees? Call that hot? It's about 38 here in Syria (on average) and was 42 in Palmyra the other day.

    How's it all going? Still stuck in the charters? Syria's been amazing although I'm looking forward to coming home and cooling down!!

  2. Charters progress slowing down drastically because of afore-mentioned brain melt -- I'm trying to work on a nasty Æthelstan which I want to argue might be genuine despite Whitelock's verdict that it's spurious. It's closely related to an Alfred for the same estate which used to be thought a forgery, until she argued that the Æthelstan was forged from the Alfred not the other way round. I think the Alfred's genuine but I don't see why rex pius Æthelstan shouldn't have drawn on an Alfred charter when granting the same estate to Wilton (assuming that the grant is really coming from the estate's owner and only on the surface from Æthelstan). Difficult.

    Glad you've enjoyed Syria! Put up some pictures somewhere at some point. Don't you yearn for English rain?