Friday, 6 June 2008

Not to mention music of the past

Oh how I miss Frazier Chorus, with their strange understated sly music. I have their album Sue on tape somewhere unless I've lost it. 'I close my eyes... with my eyelids.' This video was ripped from the ITV Chart Show many years back and is a nostalgia trip in that regard too.

Also, I remember dragging my best friend Caroline round Fareham shopping centre one Saturday trying to find Furniture's Brilliant Mind. One shop had it but only on 12", so I ended up with the extended mix as well as the radio one, and an excellent b-side called "On a bus with Peter Nero". It said it was off a forthcoming album called "She Gets Out the Scrap-book", but I have never managed to track that down. At least, I did see a copy for sale on the internet some years back but it was about a hundred and fifty quid.

I think it's wierd that whoever owns the rights to these hasn't made them available on some site somewhere. It can't cost much money to put them up, and there must be tons of people like me who would happily pay reasonable sums to own them. Frazier Chorus in particular; bet you popjustice love them. Here is their Dream Kitchen.


  1. Popjustice does love them, yes. Kate from the band went on to be in Technique (amazing) then Client (amazing).

  2. Thanks, I will look out for Technique and Client. It might not be quite the same though given that I never listened to them on long car journeys while feeling alienated from my parents.

    It seems someone's put some Furniture stuff up on Myspace.

  3. Do you remember Dubstar from the mid-90s? Sarah Blackwood ended up in Client with Kate Holmes.
    Over the summer I plan to dig out all my old CDs, digitise them, and create lots of fab uplifting 90s playlists....

  4. I LOVE Furniture's Brilliant Mind. They play it a lot on 6Music. And don't even get me started on Dubstar - I have lots and lots on my ipod...

  5. Yes, I remember Dubstar -- they were sly too. Hurray for sly music!