Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Meanwhile on the internet

First Great Western just don't get it.  My PhD is non-gendered, so I went for Other.  And at least put the options in alphabetical order!

Oh rap, has it come to this?  It's quite a happy thing to watch though.

Here is a handsome young man from Wales singing a very good song. Well done Wales! Well done popjustice hifi! You can buy this right now.

Here is a handsome young man from Newcastle singing a very good song, previously released by Donkeyboy it's true, but it's fine for singers not to be songwriters and vice versa. I keep finding myself singing it at odd moments. This is released on the 10th, so I expect he'll be on the X Factor this weekend.

Someone made a pickled pacman
. It has a very real looking tongue.

Here's Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross talking about Russell Brand's new book. I read the first one and it amused me, so I will probably read the second too. At one point in this interview Russell Brand says "All forms of desire are the inappropriate substitute for the desire to be at one with God", and I think the fact that he says this as if it's quite a reasonable answer to Ross's question (basically are you going to keep it in your pants once married) epitomises the thing about him that I like. He's a lunatic but at least he's unusual.

This Boing Boing slide about the internet makes me feel really comfortable.

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