Thursday, 21 April 2011

Aunt-presenting dilemmas solved!

Have you got an excellent aunt in your life? I mean one of those sensible, intelligent, practical aunts, more of a Dahlia than an Agatha? Perhaps said aunt is coming up for a birthday, or you'd like to express your appreciation of her qualities in some tangible, easily postable form? Perhaps recovery from a minor operation is forcing her to slow down her usual activities and convalescence is hanging heavy on her hands? Luckily for you the solution is only a few clicks away! My aunt-targetted book Saint Margaret's Gospel-book is currently on sale at ten pounds instead of twenty-five, which was already a bargain considering the combination of hand-crafted text and lots of extremely excellent pictures.
'a gem of a book - it sparkles with interest' -- Henrietta Leyser, serious historian whom I don't even know
'if you liked Harry Potter you'll like this' -- a boy I used to babysit
Written by an aunt for aunts -- actually I wasn't an aunt at the time, but I did write it with my Aunt Cynthia in mind -- it's the solution to all your aunt-presenting needs. [Pdf of sale catalogue here.]

Also works on great-aunts, mothers (I dedicated it to mine), god-parents, friends of the family, and anyone who's interested in eleventh-century Scotland, Anglo-Saxon England, medieval manuscripts, royalty, saints, libraries, books, or women. Caution: has not been tested on uncles.

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