Thursday, 14 April 2011


I might even watch Eurovision this year, which makes me suspect that people who usually watch it won't like it so much. The UK has finally decided to make some sort of effort by getting our song sung by an actual pop group, though admittedly one that split up six years ago. Here's Sweden's entry, which is great. It's not actually by Bodies Without Organs (BWO) but it sounds quite like them, which is a good thing. (I got it off of popjustice, as ever.)

I decided to give up irony in 1994, because I noticed that even the Pet Shop Boys had moved on in favour of fun. They felt like taking all their clothes off and dancing to the Rite of Spring:

I told a friend of mine who I didn't know very well back then that I had given up irony, and he thought I was being sarcastic. If I ever write the sort of deathbed novel/memoir where you look back on the defining points of your life (like Moon Tiger by Penelope Lively, which is brilliant) then that moment will definitely be included. Every now and then something happens to remind you that it's actually impossible to communicate properly with any other human being. But it matters less than you'd think, because we bridge the gap with kindness and goodwill.

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