Monday, 11 July 2011

Small newses

1. I joined Google+. It's mildly irritating in the same way as Facebook. Does this bode well for its future? I have no idea. I loved Google Wave, and look what happened to that.

2. There's a new Waitrose just down the road from my flat. Delicious microwave meals and patronising semi-assembled recipes in boxes ahoy! It's probably a good thing I don't live here any more. My Granny used to shop in Waitrose but she only ever bought discounted things. She didn't believe in sell-by dates, occasionally with spectacular results.

3. If you're in Cambridge at the weekend, buy a pork pie from the market on Saturday (from the butcher's opposite M&S) and on Sunday, cakes from Tom's cakes.

4. Tomorrow I go back to Devon. I'm looking forward to meeting Kinetic, who spends a lot of time chasing the chickens, apparently. I'll try to post some video to make up for the sad Kenelm news.


  1. Poor Kenelm, I suppose that's the reality of animal husbandry, and better for them to have human intervention than wait for nature to take its eventual course.

    I was in fact in Cambridge at the weekend, but too busy attending my brother's wedding to stock up on pork pie and cake, although cake was involved so I didn't miss out.

    I'm a bit scared of Google+, I'm not sure it's a good thing to have one's social circles codified. (In reality my main objection is that I'm jealous of everyone who's managed to get on.)

  2. Hurray for cake! I hope the wedding all went well.

    I'm not convinced re: Google+. But if you want an invite theoretically I have some -- e-mail me at rebecca DOT rushforth AT gmail DOT com. Someone told me he'd seen a graphic where someone turned the circles into Dante's circles of hell, which sounds quite cool. I think that the people you follow don't get to know the name of the circle you've put them in.