Sunday, 4 March 2007

Goth teenager with ferret

I'm reading an excellent book, and sometimes when I do that I have to pause so that it's not gone too quickly. It's called Magic for Beginners by Kelly Link. It's full of disturbing short stories like the dreams I have when I'm running a temperature. (Last week I had flu and I dreamt I was an agoraphobic bat called Gennaro, who couldn't bear it when his clicks disappeared into space instead of echoing back.) There's one where there are no such things as cats, only people in cat skins, and if you marry a prince or princess who doesn't work out you just sew them back into their cat skin and throw them in the river. The one I'm reading at the moment is about a TV show set in a huge haunted library -- sort of like Borges meets Buffy. Borguffy, if you will. Apart from fake Victoriana, modern gothic sci-fi is the most interesting stuff being written at the moment.

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