Friday, 30 March 2007

Quite good things

1. 4OD is giving away free Popworld. And other stuff, like Wedding Belles, which I missed and which was supposed to be good. I don't even need a TV any more, just a bigger computer screen so I can have more windows open at once.
2. I am reading another book with intelligent lizards in it but these ones are 12-foot tall. It's called A Case of Conscience and it's by James Blish. He just used the word hnau, which I didn't know was found outside Malacandra. 1950s science fiction is great, if only it weren't so damn male.
3. My inner geek has been being excited by drawing mind maps using Mindjet MindManager Pro. You can get a free trial here. I'll probably buy it when this expires, cos you can get an academic license for about seventy quid. I'm drawing a mind map of the book I want to write about eleventh-century script. You can attach links to images, files, and webpages to various bits, and I may no longer need to upgrade to Microsoft Vista for the file tagging features.
4. Why is Mika so repulsive? He ought to be attractive. I don't understand.
5. You've got to listen to the Mylo remix of Freeform Five's 'No More Conversations': it's fantastic.
6. Is this video good or bad? I think it's good but I've got the feeling it's like those things I shouldn't have thought were cool when I was 12, but I did, and I still do! ("The Smiths were only a band" -- controversial...)

Maybe it's because of the beard.

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