Thursday, 12 March 2009

Things I have said before

1. It seems that Julie Myerson is the mother from the irritating "Living With Teenagers" column in the Guardian. This rather puts paid to her husband's claim that writing about their family is an emergency action -- she must now have been doing it continually for years. I mentioned on this blog before how annoying I found that column; she treated her teenage children like toddlers, which is pretty insulting. Still I'm not one to judge because I have no children, and I'm sure that child-raising is a very hard thing to do.

2. Cherry Red records has re-released Frazier Chorus's Sue. Also I found a blog which had a copy of Furniture's On a Bus with Peter Nero. Hurray!

3. One occasional recurring theme of this blog is the danger of eminent professors. I went to hear a paper this afternoon and afterwards got cornered by one of the usual suspects, who is trying to get me to be secretary of a learned society. I pointed out that my personal circumstances are rather up in the air and that this October I may be off to retrain as an accountant or some such. That, he pointed out, would not disqualify me from being secretary. I am treading carefully now. He refused to take my refusal as totally definite even when I suggested finding a Benedictine to do it. On the one hand it's nice that several people suggested me. But, I'm not sure it's utterly 100% positive to be seen as ideal secretary material.

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