Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Umlaut pop

Röyksopp's new album Junior is also very good. There's an excellent song about robots, sung by mad Swedish singer Robyn. You need the bass so I would recommend it on spotify in preference to the embedded YouTube video below. The video is quite good but not as good as the bass.

Also Norwegian: Annie.

No real visuals on this one, but it's not out yet so you can't get it on spotify.

Also Swedish: BWO, but their latest is a ballad and therefore sub-par.

I also like La Roux's new single; it's whiney in an excellent 80s way, and is about unrequited love. She's not Scandinavian but apparently she is part French. The video involves her driving, but embedding has been disabled by request. Apparently it's not the record companies who do this, but YouTube because of their advertising revenues. Or maybe they have a deal.

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