Sunday, 29 March 2009

What I have learnt from Cassiodorus

The ennoematic definition denies what it is not.
He that loveth iniquity hateth his own soul.
Laughter at an individual is the trait of a foe.
Stags are timorous but able to eat poison.
In heaven we will all be 33 years old.
The elephant is the most chaste beast as it mates for life.
Moths are a metaphor for sadness.
Priests stop their ears with incense.
Jerome interprets the name Basan to mean aridity.
Merchants are not necessarily evil.
The caterpillar represents base love. (Blake?)
Pelicans have very bad digestions, and live alone.
Barbarous comes from barba, beard, + rus, country, e.g. barbarians are bearded people from the country.
Accidie is the nodding of the soul.
The sparrow is the most circumspect of birds.
Augustine interprets the name Basan to mean confusion.
There are many different ways to cross the Red Sea; one of them is virginity.
Mules, rocks, logs, etc, praise God by being what they are. (Smart?)
The ravens' children are innocent.
Dragons lie in pools to cool themselves down, and eat elephants as easily as if they were flies. They signify strong-minded people.
Utterances are always to be related to the disposition of the speaker.

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