Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Short post about good internet stuff

I just discovered the Tiny Art Director:
A professional artist takes commissions from his small daughter and reports her response to the finished work. Best read chronologically, starting when she was 2 years old. My favourite of her comments is the crushing "You're doing art the wrong way".

I hated Mika at first, but "Relax" was quite good. And here is his new one, which is excellent. RedOne has done pretty well out of the whole Lady Gaga thing, and without having to go to the trouble of wearing odd clothes and leaping about a lot.

There's this new thing called mflow, which is a bit like twitter if twitter were nothing but music recommendations (which would obviously be an improvement). You can listen to whole versions of recommended songs, but only once; it's more about finding new stuff than a method of actually listening to your music. I quite like it but goodness knows whether it will last -- the internet is so tiring these days. I got an invite off of the popjustice website (where else). (Also I have invitations now if anyone wants one.) It reminded me of this wonderful and oddly sinister song. According to wikipedia it was the last ABBA song ever recorded, and Agnetha sang the lyrics with the lights off.

So I bought it. By my calculations this means I have given popjustice 20p. And I'm fine with that.

You can get 4OD on Youtube now. I'm trying to work out how to link a computer up to my parents' TV. I wish I were just a bit more geeky; I'm geeky enough to have most of the disadvantages without the advantage of being able to do Cool Stuff.

Also I would like to point out that the new Mr Kipling advert, in which a slightly disconsolate Mrs Kipling implies that his renowned ability with cakes is a way of coping with erectile dysfunction, is wrong. Just plain wrong.

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