Sunday, 21 March 2010


Well to add to the pile of life aggravations I now have a hard drive failure, a bad cold that's still going strong after three weeks, and failing to get a job I really wanted. Also an impending operation on my lovely rat Audrey. And tomorrow I get to help a vet castrate alpacas, which I'm not sure is going to be fun. I'm so far behind with my google reader subscriptions that it has just said "1000+" for ages. But while making vague attempts to break the 1000 barrier I was quite pleased to see this explanation of how Mega Shark can take out an aeroplane. Also I hadn't seen the clip before, and it is great:

I suspect that Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus is one of those films that's better in clips.

Another good thing:

But otherwise this season of Skins has been rubbish. It used to be funny; the bits with Josie Long in were fantastic. Also it was quite clever. But the last two series have just been full of Issues.

And I really like this xkcd about the Collatz Conjecture, which I hadn't heard of before. But it disconcerts me that it's called a conjecture; at first glance it seems like the sort of thing they used to make one try to prove for the British Maths Olympiad. I would get out a pencil and try except that I've forgotten all that stuff now, and I was never one of those who were brilliant at it.
Edit: this wikipedia entry on it shows that it really is a conjecture. It's always odd when things which are really easy to state aren't provable.

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