Friday, 12 March 2010

Smashing things up

Lots of life has been happening to me all at once recently -- not anything excessively dramatic, just lots of travel and deadlines and problems, all topped off with the worst cold I have had in ages and a large sprinkling of minor aggravations like the bank losing a cheque I paid in, etc. I have over 700 things to read on my google reader, and have three weeks' worth of Guardian review sections to catch up on, and I keep not being around for Glee on Monday evenings. Once I have shaken off the lurgy and got back into the swing of things maybe I will post something terribly reasoned and insightful on this blog. In the meantime here is another video by OK Go, the people who make excellent videos. (They came up with the treadmill dance routine thing which one sees ripped off all over the place now.)

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