Friday, 25 June 2010

Unbibliographical references

I'm doing a lot of bibliography-style work at the moment, tidying up things that say "ref. to James article on Bury here" by turning them into proper short references, with page numbers, and a corresponding long reference in the bibliography. Take how dull that sentence was, and multiply it many times, and you'll get a sense of the way this is failing to grip my net-browsing E4-watching concentration-averse brain. I tried listening while working to a playlist I made of Handel arias, because I thought I'd like to be that sort of person, but I just ground to a halt and had to revert to Bodyrox feat. Luciana, Kele's Tenderoni, and Lady Gaga's Remix album, of which this is my favourite at the moment:

By the way, have you noticed the little football symbol on Youtube, under the video, which adds vuvuzela noise to any video? The Onion's take on the whole vuvuzela phenomenon is quite funny.

This thing about quorum-sensing bacteria is wierd and makes my brain hurt. It took me a while to realise that they didn't mean some sort of computer bacteria, and I didn't know that bacteria could sense quora, let alone that we should be disrupting this (or pretending to disrupt it while dodging serious legal charges in Arizona, or whatever). Maybe instead we should turn it to our own uses. Maybe they could come up with something on the same lines for certain sorts of committee meetings. I remember several early Governing Body meetings where the quorum was quite an issue, and someone would have to keep an eye on it: "I fear, Master, that with the departure of Dr Wellington we are no longer quorate". I know that people have made strides in making computers out of bacteria recently, which is another head-hurting thing.

Here is a nice explanation of why the platypus plays the keytar. It won't hurt your head, quite the reverse, it will soothe it.

It turns out that there's a music festival happening this summer within walking distance of where I live, called Wattsfest. The local newspaper (The Culm Valley Gazette) has been much exercised by the worry that the loud noise will startle a nearby herd of buffalo, kept for both meat and milk, who will stampede us all to our deaths, probably starting with Tiverton High Street. I don't want to be trampled to death by buffalo but I feel that if I were, in the cause of obscure places in mid-Devon having their own family-friendly world music festival, that would have a nice rounded feeling to it.

This man goes around being rude about people's favourite dinosaurs, which is not very polite.

This attractive art thing is in a field in Wiltshire at a place which is part of my Anglo-Saxon charters book.

Everyone else has probably seen this already but my bibliographising has meant I've spent less time watching viral videos recently: here's the new OK Go video, now with added goose. I actually really like the song too.

Apparently we're all supposed to be making toys out of paper now. You print them out and fold them together, and then you feel happy. It's a sort of fusion of origami and kawaii. Here's one good site, and here's another, plus I like these paper trout. I have to admit I haven't got round to it yet, but it does look pleasing.

Charlie McDowell's Dear Girls Above Me is good if a bit wrong.

Anyway it's back to bibliography and Lady Gaga for me. I think I have listened to the Remix album so many times now that I may even have to move on.

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