Saturday, 5 June 2010

What people think about when they should be thinking about Latin

1. Yay, yay! One of my favourite Lady Gaga songs remixed by my favourite band. Although this mix is so very Pet Shop Boys that in the comments to this video people have even suggested it's not by them at all, rather rudely I think.

2. This bat is made up of other bats. I read this amazing thing recently suggesting that caterpillars and butterflies are actually separate species, because apparently there's a sea urchin or something which trundles along quite happily in the sea until it enters a period of metamorphosis producing a completely different sea creature, which splits off from the urchin and swims away to lead its own life, while the sea urchin continues as before as if having recovered from indigestion. Apparently because a lot of sea creatures reproduce by dumping vast amounts of seed out there in the currents, and producing eggs which they just hope will bump into the right stuff, it's possible that very very occasionally something reproductively wierd would happen. It's a cool concept, anyway.

3. So, someone's already training dolphins to use ipads. Bloody dolphins.

4. This cafe is a research cafe. For a long time I had a theory that the coffee machines at Corpus High Table were complex psychological experiments.

5. I do like these anti-venereal disease posters from the WWII era. Many of the slogans work better if said in the voice of Peter Cook as Roger's father in this sketch about the facts of life.

Right, now I ought to get back to the order for the sign of the peace at the high mass on a duplex feast of nine lections. Did you know that the Latin verb to kiss is deponent? It's true, but it's not very interesting.

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