Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Even more stuff from the internet

Dear Blog, I am quite fond of you, but even so, you would not exist if Penzu had been around when I started, because I really only wanted an internetty way of writing. (Although the fact that this blog is public probably does make me better behaved.)

Also, It's for writing three pages a day. I've only done it for seven days so far, but I am already collecting badges, and points, and just feeling good about writing something completely throwaway every day. I intend to try to make it a regular thing, and if I do I think I'll subscribe. It has algorithms for analysing what you've written, and keeps telling me that the prevailing mood of my writing is "self-important", which is a bit harsh, because I don't use it as some sort of therapy like they seem to assume you do, but instead write random and pointless short stories based on random and stupid things. Hurray!

Folksy! It's like Etsy but UK-based! (Awful name though.) I bought this handmade print of the beast with seven heads from Revelation. It's called What Have I Become. Hurrah! The European Etsy is called DeWanda. These are both quite good if you feel like finding something unusual, or just supporting makers. There are lots of nice hand-made cards, at prices congruent with mass-produced cards. Earrings are good too. I quite covet these ones with sea urchin chips in.

Plus you can buy Hark A Vagrant prints now. I love Hark A Vagrant. I'm going to buy this one, which is on several different topics; they're all good, and I really like the strip about the Bad Monk.

Question: is it time for a kindle? When I really wanted an ebook reader about a year ago I looked into it and decided that it would basically be stupid to buy one. I think maybe now they've got to the stage where it would no longer be a stupid purchase. Some books are cheaper as ebooks than as paperbacks, and it seems that you can now read pdfs on them OK. And the contrast is apparently higher. But my enthusiasm for the whole concept has waned, so I'm waiting until either I get enthused again or it gets so good that it becomes an actively sensible thing to buy.

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