Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Jabberwocky the alpaca born this morning

The baby alpaca was born this morning. Sunday's events were a false alarm, and my parents laughed at me for worrying, which I think was a bit unfair, given that I was a) doing my best when left alone to care for their animals and b) there were some odd things going on. My new rule is: never look at an alpaca's privates. Someone has to do it, but it doesn't need to be you.

Anyway here is little Jabberwocky, in a rare bit of sunshine between today's storms and showers of grey rain.

Isn't he lovely? He's large for a newborn (which may explain Sunday's disconcerting phenomena, as that's about when he was probably turning in the womb so as to come out right). Alpaca labour is reasonably straightforward and seems to cause more stress to any neurotic humans in the vicinity than to the animal herself -- there was a wierdly comic bit this morning where Edith was grazing, and Jabberwocky's head and front legs were dangling out under her tail, and she would occasionally try to look round to see what was making the bleating noises, with about as much effectiveness as a dog trying to catch its tail, but much slower and more vague. She got quite a bit of grazing done before he was finally all out and on the ground.

Anyway, before long I am going to blog about all sorts of exciting things, like books (I've read some interestingly crazy ones recently) and why Devon is great. (Here's a teaser: one of the great things is cows.)

PS I'm taking it as read that I accidentally put on a stupid voice whenever I record sound or video, like how all of us tend to pull an expression for the mirror, and if you know me and that's my real speaking voice, please do not tell me.

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