Friday, 6 August 2010

Some stuff on the internet

What are Japanese robot designers trying to do to us? I think, but I may be wrong, that this robot is a bit like a way of transmitting your facial expressions telephonically.

Someone on Boing Boing pointed out how much it looks like the thing that tries to kill Buffy's mum after her brain operation, one of the creepiest Buffy episodes ever.

Boing Boing have something they call a Unicorn chaser, a cute or soothing follow-up to a disturbing post. In that spirit I offer you this Mattias Adolfson drawing. I really like his pictures.

Also, Jan Morris is right about how we shouldn't have to go around kissing people, but is regrettably soft on hugs. I hate hugging. I was famous for it as a teenager -- during the sign of the peace in communion services I would go around resolutely holding my hand before me to be shaken, while the rest of the youth group went around hugging like they were in an American sitcom. In fact the other day I found a copy of the Forever Friends Hugs Book which someone gave me for my 18th birthday in reference to this. It is amazingly nauseating.

William Shatner stole Leonard Nimoy's bicycle. I must track down and watch some Original Star Trek.


  1. Jan Morris on kissing: "Aesthetically, morally, hygienically, even functionally, it has been degraded to a social cliché." "It must be curbed."

    On this basis we should stop shaking hands, waving goodbye, saying "Goodnight", and so on.

  2. Shaking hands, waving goodbye, and saying "Goodnight" have never been more than social cliches.