Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Alpaca update

Last August I blogged about the traumatic experience of a difficult alpaca birth that started when I was the only person around. Luckily first my dad and then a real vet arrived to do all the greasing up and little Jemima and her mother both survived. I put up video of some of her first steps. And now look at her!
Here she is at the Devon County Show last week, where she won her class, the biggest in the whole alpaca show, and then went on to win Champion Brown Female. This means she got to go into the main arena and parade round with all the other champions. Go Jemima!

I love these big agricultural shows. When I was a kid there was the Romsey show right next door to us on the Broadlands estate, and the New Forest and Hampshire shows, but now it's the Devon county, the Mid-Devon, and the Bath and West. Other people collect music festival security bracelet band things at this time of year, while I collect up ones from agricultural shows. My nephew came along on Friday afternoon. He loves tractors and was in absolute heaven. Here is a nice picture I took of the pony scurrying:
and a lovely little angora goat kid:

Today is alpaca shearing day. I'll try to get some photos but I don't want to get in the way.

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