Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Some things on the web

I've been avoiding the coverage of the Bin Laden thing on the whole, but this Boing Boing story about how many American teenagers have no idea who Bin Laden was is quite compelling. I suppose you're lucky with teenagers if they notice someone who's walking on the same pavement as them, let alone someone who's declared war on their country.

You can vote here for your favourite American Civil War facial hair. I rather like how John Haskell King has incorporated his hair into the overall design, and George Crook has gone for an interesting two-triangle beard. And Burnside's are the original sideburns, supposedly.

This cartoon shows the recipe for an instant bestseller, in this case "Dark Angel Architect Boyfriend".

I would quite want this Lady Gaga/Bronzino mashup if Beyonce didn't look so rough.

Here is some great tidying up music:

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