Saturday, 11 June 2011

Beer festival part 2a

Butcombe Gold, 4.4%
Eddystone, 4.3%
We took my little nephew down to the beer festival, and he had an amazing time pointing at the drummer (he plays drums himself, on his dad's drumkit) and then dancing around like a mad thing.  It was his first ever festival.  He begged bits of pork from his indulgent Grandad's roastie bap and danced round in circles until he fell over. He looked like he felt life just couldn't get any better that this.  I may have lost him to rock and roll -- a remedial series of Pet Shop Boys listening sessions may be required.  It was quite a good band, and he particularly enjoyed their version of Stairway to Devon.  Once he's gone to sleep we're most of us going back to hear a band called the Thorvertones.  My brother and sister-in-law know the drummer's mother, who goes to all of their gigs wearing a special t-shirt that reads "The Drummer's Mother".  And they know someone else who likes them so much they have a Thorvertones tattoo.  I rather like their website, which explains that they're a band who take what they do seriously so that you don't have to. If I drink enough beer I will request Toxic by Britney...

On the beer front I have now tried Butcombe Gold, which I found just a tad disappointing, its summeriness overpowered by a strong bitter aftertaste, but only because I had high expectations; Forge Brewery's Dark Horse, which was a very good darker beer, though not quite what I was in the mood for; and South Ham's Brewery's Eddystone, which is a very good light fresh beer, but not as lovely as yesterday's Litehouse.  Litehouse is currently my favourite.  The beer certainly helps with tolerance for cover versions -- right now from my desk I can hear the mid-evening band thumping out Tainted Love.

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