Friday, 10 June 2011

Village life

Forge Litehouse, 4.3%
Teignworthy Old Moggie, 4.4%
One of the ways in which this village is great is its annual beer festival. There can't be many villages this small that have one. It's on all this weekend in the village hall, a few minutes' walk away, and one of the alpacas' fields has been turned into a carpark for the occasion. It started at about 6pm, and the sound of samba drums lured me away from my desk. Unfortunately by the time I got there the samba band had been replaced by an Oasis tribute act called Awaysis. They have a lead singer with round sunglasses, a moptop wig, and a long camel-coloured coat, who puts on a Paul Calf accent as he tries to get people to shout things. I only stuck it out for two halves and a Kenniford Farm roast-in-a-bun. I can hear them belting out Champagne Supernova as I type this back at home. Anyway, I'll go again tomorrow with my brother, and on Sunday I'll go again for the craft fair. So far I have tasted Forge Brewery's Litehouse, a delicious light golden beer, and Teignworthy's Old Moggie which is just a fraction darker and a bit more hoppy. This year one of the beers will be crowned the festival favourite, so I'm going to taste as many of them as I can manage and cast my vote.

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