Thursday, 23 June 2011

Some videos and a thought

1. Maybe I should have a tumblr not a blog.  If I had a tumblr not a blog then this paragraph could be an entire entry instead of needing bulking out with videos.  But if I had a tumblr not a blog then this paragraph would not exist!  Therefore I have no need of a tumblr.  QED.

2. This person is going to tell us all about Plato's views on the holiness of objects... or is he?  Watch the video, it's only 37 seconds long.

I bet this man has received at least one proposal of marriage as a direct result of that YouTube clip, like those cat engineers.

3. Britney is good at music and good at music videos, even if her decision to use her latest to reposition herself as a sex pest is in some ways an odd one:

I remember the first time I ever heard about her, before I heard any of her music, she was described as having a vocal range like Whitney and being a postergirl for all that supremely-creepy True-Love-Waits stuff.  In some ways it's surprising that they don't still use her as a postergirl.  "Look what happened to Britney when she discovered sex!" they could say, and scare young girls into going to parties with their fathers.  If she'd had more of a normal teenagerhood I expect she'd be a bit better balanced now, poor thing.

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