Wednesday, 23 May 2007


Bertrand Russell said that he had never been so unhappy that he would not have been cheered in an appreciable measure by the sudden offer of a chocolate cream. If you don't mind being thought of as eccentric (frankly, for many of us Cambridge types it's too late to worry about that) then try suddenly giving chocolate creams to people and you'll find that he is not alone in this. But the low calorie, web-based version is, which I can never look at without feeling better. (Thanks Sarah for telling me about it some months ago!) Also good are the LOLcats at I love LOLcat pidgin.

Of course Bertrand Russell was a grade-A loony most of whose children and grandchildren went mad or killed themselves. So not all good.

PS Q: are swearing children funny?

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  1. Love these cats! Especially the baleful one with the space-age head-gear who's eyeing proceedings from the far left.....