Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Pointless displacement activity post about M&S

Well I'm back in Cambridge, and dealing with the crushing panic arising from all the things which need doing RIGHT NOW by blogging instead. I don't have anything much to say, alas. I shall just offer this thought:
Why oh why oh why does Marks and Spencer, every time I find something there I really like, immediately discontinue it? This has happened with
1. very flat chocolate-chip muffins (like muffin tops à la Seinfeld) which were designed to fit in a toaster so you could get that just-out-of-the-oven, melted-chocolate-chips experience. They were great!
2. individual low-fat trifles made of layers of chocolate mousse and chocolate custard, with a jaffa cake inbetween them which had gone all soggy. These were absolute genius. I did wonder if they were removed because they didn't have as little fat in as they claimed...
3. smoked-haddock fish cakes. They had gruyere sauce in them which went all oozy. The salmon ones aren't as good.
And countless other items which I have now forgotten. Get it together, M&S! I know it's not just me who had this experience, because when I used to work there it made the customers angry.
Tunbridge Wells

PS that place-name reminds me of another recent annoying experience; I was reading about an irreplaceable historical manuscript which was ruined by the BL, and a certain Adrian Gilbert of Tonbridge posted a comment wondering if the Christian manuscripts of the BL are safe now that so many veiled women work there. Obviously this is the comment of an a-grade a-hole, but further to that the ruined manuscript was the 300-year old diary of a Jacobite. Who would deliberately sabotage that? A disgruntled Whig? Get it together, Adrian Gilbert of Tonbridge! Do you even live in a world where every person is a complex and unpredicatable individual?

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