Wednesday, 9 May 2007

No, after you...

Actually I'm quite pleased to be leaving Chicago as the courtesy is beginning to take it out of me. I've had to ratchet my politeness level up from Big City through Cambridge Supermarket and Faculty Building right up to At Church in Devon with my Mum. This involves not going within about fifteen inches of anyone without apologising, even on the subway, even if it involves having to find a new route to get somewhere, and it also requires saying hello and, later, goodbye to people in elevators. I just bought a banana after airport security; the lady at the till saw I was struggling with lots of stuff and carefully packed my bagel and my water and various bits and pieces into a neat package with handles and extra napkins, and handed it to me with glee. Now I'm sat at the gate listening to some flight attendants swapping stories about passengers who were particularly charming or nice to them. Next time in the U.S. I'm going to New York.

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  1. I'd rather be in Chicago than in the Faculty Building, though! :)